Beyoncé goes frugal: Queen Bey spotted bargain shopping in L.A. Target

Who among us hasn't looked for a good bargain? Beyoncé is no exception to the rule

(Instagram: Beyonce)


She may be worth millions, but that still doesn’t stop Beyoncé from wanting to find a good deal like the rest of us.

Monday, the mega star was spotted shopping at a Target store in Los Angeles’ Westwood neighborhood on her daughter Blue Ivy’s seventh birthday.

Mrs. Carter was rocking an orange designer jumpsuit and cats eye shades while her assistant pushed her cart up and down the aisles.

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Once pictures Queen Bey hit the internet, fans and celebrities alike freaked out about the sighting and send hilarious responses.

Social media fave Chrissy Teigen, playfully teased Beyoncé by hinting that knew exactly why Bey had made the trip. Last September the model launched a cookware line which is exclusively available at Target — and figured that her favorite singer was excited about the new knife set she released this week.

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Talk show host Busy Philipps chimed in, too: writing, “OF ALL THE DAYS I WASN’T AT THAT TARGET!!!!!!!”

“I can only assume this angle means the person taking the pic collapsed to the floor, which is a natural reaction upon seeing Beyoncé in Target,” speculated The Late Show With Stephen Colbert writer Ariel Dumas.

And American Horror Story star, Leslie Grossman freaked out when she found out she’d talked herself out of going to the exact same Target that day.

According to The Daily Mail, this isn’t the first time Los Angeles residents have run into Beyoncé shopping at Target. Last March, she was spotted picking up some items with Blue Ivy at the Westwood location.

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