FIRST LOOK: Killer Mike conducts controversial social experiments in new Netflix series ‘Trigger Warning’

The rapper is disrupting the system in a very unusual way.

Killer Mike

Killer Mike is taking his talents to Netflix with a new documentary-series called Trigger Warning with Killer Mike. 

In the new six-episode Netflix original series, the Grammy award-winning rapper and activist sets out to confront important social issues and misconceptions that impact the Black community in a pretty unusual way.

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Conducting a different social experiment in each episode — including only spending money in the black community for three days, helping the Crips cash in on its personal brand by launching a line of soda, rethinking public school’s approach to education, and more — he puts forward powerful, controversial ideas to help reshape perception in America.

In the trailer, we see snippets from the series between a strong declaration of the activist’s intentions.

“I want to introduce people to new thoughts and concepts,” he says into a megaphone while standing on the street in one scene. In another, we watch him help the Crips gang develop their own brand of soda with the help of a super-white consultant. If you think that sounds wild…wait until you get to the part where the rapper says he needs “to produce educational pornography.”

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Check out the trailer:

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Trigger Warning with Killer Mike  premieres globally January 18, 2019, on Netflix.