Forget the lottery; your president is the sure bet.

Just ask the people who won big bucks this week gambling on the site The site is set to pay out thousands of dollars to people who accurately bet that The Commander In Chief would lie during his State of the Union address on Tuesday. According to BuzzFeed News, people who wagered that President Trump would tell more than 3 ½ lies hit the jackpot.

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Odds consultant John Lester said the biggest bets of the night were all in favor of the President telling more lies, with bets coming in at $15,000, $20,000 and $25,000.

The online gambling site asked users to gamble on his honesty, an offering of -145 for more than 3 ½  lies and +115 for less than 3 ½ lies. This means that a person would win $100, if that person originally bet $145 that the president would lie four times.

Lester informed Buzzfeed that the gambling site will lose $276,424 with 92 percent of bettors accurately waging that the president would twist his facts. used the Washington Post’s Fact Checker as a reference to moderate Trump’s statements, both truth and lies.  Their live post corrected six statements during the televised address. Tracking his dishonesty further supported what Rep. Maxine Waters has been telling us all along, he is a liar.

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Lester revealed that the gambling site anticipated the fibs to overflow, but it also considered that time would not be on his side. The time restraints of the address were supposed to work in their favor.

“We figured the president’s strategy going in would be a bit of fear mongering to create pressure on the Democrats to approve the funding of the wall (or barrier), however, the president was also constrained by an approximate 8-minute time limit,” Lester said. “With all the cable networks agreeing to air the speech, it came down to, how many times is the president willing to exaggerate the truth to accomplish his agenda, when he knows the world will be scrutinizing his every word?”