A Black woman in Iowa is outraged after getting into a verbal confrontation with an Uber driver who called her a n*gger, and went on a racist tirade just because he couldn’t follow directions to her destination.

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Kiara White said the driver was driving down streets the wrong way and when she confronted him “Timothy” got upset and went on a nasty curse-filled tirade, calling her a “monkey” and a “bitch” among other things.

“My Uber Driver Went In On Me.. All Because He Couldn’t Read His Map & Went Down 2 One Ways & iSaid Idk If Uber Would Like That & He Tried To Put Me Out…. Nooo iPaid U Take Me To My Destination & The Whole Ride He Did Nothing But Say Racist Stuff To Me & Call Me Out My Name”

As she recorded, White didn’t back down from calling “Timothy” out about his vile language and shot back a few insults herself. When “Timothy” called her a “b*tch” she shot back that he was her b*tch since he was being paid to drive her around.

Touche, Miss Kiara!

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White said she reported the driver to the ride-share company but said they blocked her and have not yet responded to her complaint.

Last September, Taniesha Travis an Uber customer in Las Vegas, claimed she was denied a ride home from the grocery store simply because she was black.

Travis reportedly called an Uber to pick her up from a store but once her request went through on the ride-sharing app, the driver texted her saying, “Great. another. N***a from Smith’s buying groceries for 6 kids. F***k off N***a.”

After that incident, the company assured customers that its community guidelines outline a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination.

Doesn’t seem like that’s working out too well for Uber.