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Four-year-old Madison pleads for kidney donor for ailing father. (YouTube screenshot)

From the mouth of babes, a sweet four-year-old has issued a public plea to help find a kidney donation for her dear ole’ dad, Delbon Johnson, CBS 46 reports.

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“Hi, my name is Madison and I’m four years old and I need your help.” she explains in the video. “My daddy needs a kidney. His blood type is B positive. Please, please call my mommy today.”

Madison’s dad has kidney failure and there’s an imminent need for a kidney donor. While it’s a monumental task to find a donor, it’s surely a sweet gesture by the the little girl who is determined to do what she can to lend her voice in a search for a benefactor.

“Dad is sick so he has to go to the doctor,” Madison says in the widely circulated video, which has captured the hearts of many.

“I cry… because daddy is not feeling good,” added Madison.

Her mom, Kameisha Johnson is proud of her daughter’s heroic efforts. But the mother’s heart aches, knowing that Madison doesn’t really understand the gravity of the situation.

“I’m happy that the word is spreading, but it makes me really sad because she doesn’t really understand what going on,” she told CBS 46.

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Kameisha and Delbon are encouraged by the response the video has received even as Delbon’s health continues to decline.

“It’s actually functioning about 10 percent right now I pee probably once a week and I can feel my body just breaking down slowly and slowly,” Delbon told the television news outlet.

“It’s very very important just for Delbon to get a kidney, so he can life—a long life,” his wife added.

Delbon has been on the kidney transplant waiting list for four years.

But social media could help get the word out. It’s happened before, including once when an Ohio woman saw a Facebook post from a total stranger asking for a kidney donor and decided that she could help.

Lesley Tietz told WJW that she felt compelled to help the 25-year-old Joe Dorsey, even though she had never met him.

“When I read it, I just felt I wanted to do it,” Tietz said.

The two lived about a mile apart, but it was a GoFundMe post that brought them together as Dorsey asked for anyone willing to help him.

You can click here for more information on how to donate to Delbon.