Taraji P. Henson swiftly clarifies her comments on R. Kelly controversy after backlash

The 'What Men Want' star found herself the subject of criticism and quickly made her position clear, but there's also other heated conflicts surrounding the R. Kelly documentary

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Taraji P. Henson spent the last 24 hours trying to clean up her social media and dig her way out of a controversy after the  “Empire” and  “What Men Want” star posted a since deleted Instagram story making comparisons to the #MuteRKelly and #MuteHarveyWeinstein hashtags.

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Henson showed herself typing in both but after finding that the #MuteRKelly results were in the thousands compared to Weinstein’s meager 29 or so results, she posted an emoji and responded “HMMMMM,” apparently confused that there were stark differences in the numbers as if Weinstein wasn’t suffering from backlash.

But the Twitterverse responded that Weinstein is, in fact, facing repercussions for his alleged actions. He was charged last May with rape in the first and third degree by New York prosecutors in cases involving two women. He was indicted after dozens of women came forward, accusing him of sexual harassment and abuse.

Henson was also called out for what appeared to be support for Kelly who was the subject of a damaging Surviving R. Kelly docuseries that included a number of testimonies from women, and some claimed they were underaged, when they engaged in sex acts with the disgraced musician.

Writer Roxane Gay tweeted:


The producer of the R. Kelly docuseries Dream Hampton sharply criticized Henson on Twitter:

But Henson responded to the backlash to clarify her feelings on the accusations against the singer.

Meanwhile Hampton was also in the middle of a Twitter conflict with Erykah Badu. Badu recently left her fans shocked and dismayed at a Chicago concert when she backed Kelly despite the serious sexual abuse allegations made Lifetime docu-series.

She later clarified her statements saying she “does not support [Kelly’s] poor choices.”

Still the two women sparred on Twitter with Badu demanding that Hampton apologize for apparently suggesting that she was contacted and refused to participate in the documentary.

“No ma’am. I WAS NOT EVER contacted by anyone to be in documentary.@dreamhampton You know that’s not true. I wasn’t a necessary component. You had all the right people, the ones close to the situation…But for now, produce this “producer’s” request or… APOLOGIZE. It’s simple. …” Badu wrote.

To which Hampton replied: