While Lebron James and Kevin Durant compete on the court, Durant has now taken a page from the Laker star and school founder’s playbook by opening an after-school educational facility for kids in his hometown.

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On Wednesday, Durant opened ‘The Durant Center’ in Prince George County, MD, to help low-income and underserved students enroll and graduate from college, according to Sports Illustrated.

Surely the Golden State player will bring big smiles and much needed resources to the promising young residents. The center has an inaugural class of 69 students, who will have access to academic, financial and social-emotional resources to help with college and career development tools, according to the outlet.

The Durant Center will work in tandem with College Track, an organization that tracks students through a 10-year process, from early years to graduation.

Durant has pledged $10 million to the program over its next 10 years.

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The Durant Center will be College Track’s first East Coast site and he’s excited to share his vision.

“The full circle stuff that you dream about,” Durant told the Washington Post. “So many people that meant so much to me at that time, and to see my name on the building. Hopefully that inspires kids in the area.”

“At an early age, I started to realize how much this [basketball] will alter and change my life,” Durant told the Mercury News. “I had so many people that made sure I was focused, determined and disciplined with the task at hand. I wanted other kids to have the same type of every-day discipline.

The NBA champ is all heart.