Over the weekend, Fetty Wap’s 1-year-old daughter Alaiya needed emergency brain surgery after the baby became ill during a flight from Atlanta to New York.

Fetty’s ex-girlfriend Alexis Skyy rushed the girl to the hospital after the girl was “excessively vomiting” during the flight, according to TMZ. Once the flight landed, she was rushed to the hospital, where doctors discovered the issue was a malfunctioning brain implant that helps to drain fluid and blood.

Alaiya was born last January, three months premature when Skyy had to undergo an emergency C-section. The premature birth caused the girl to have hydrocephalus, a condition that causes bleeding and fluid buildup in the brain.

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The baby had a surgically implanted valve that malfunctioned. Both Fetty and Skyy were there for the surgery.

Skyy posted a message on Sunday afternoon on her Instagram story asking followers to pray for her daughter. She later updated the post saying “Lay Lay is good.”

Alaiya is the sixth of Fetty Wap’s seven children with six different women. He welcomed a son with Lezhae Zeona two months after Alaiya’s birth last year.

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“Actually, my son is on the way so it’ll be seven at 27 with $22 million,” bragged last year on Instagram. “All my kids’ moms have moved on and living their life. They allow me to be a dad to my kids.”

 “I’m fortunate enough to have been smart enough to invest my money so my kids will have money when I’m gone,” he added. “I’m not rich. I’m wealthy.”



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