Rachel True
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Rachel True, who stared in the supernatural 90’s cult classic The Craft, is alleging that she has been excluded from several cast reunions at conventions and other financially lucrative gatherings due to racism.

According to Syfy, Friday the actress wrote a series of tweets which explain that even though her costars Neve Campbell, Fairuza Balk, and Robin Tunney have all received invitations to speak at reunions for the film at conventions, she has consistently been left out of the fray.

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The 52-year-old who has gone viral in the past for her exceptionally young appearance, says she believes efforts to exclude her from the film’s legacy is just an example of the “casual racism” that she has had to endure at press junkets and award shows since the film was released.

“I think it’s interesting these conventions are booking Neve, Fairuza &, Robin all together, but excluding me. Sounds about white,” she tweeted.

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“I’m not calling out any one convention in particular because it’s more than one & they don’t realize the casual racism to the choice. So if you attend those sorts of things let them know.. especially if you’re white, I guess,” she continued.

“I brought up awards show etc, because being left out of these events didn’t just hurt ego, it had a direct effect on POC actors pocket books & public profiles & level of celebrity.”

“The lovely Fairuza Balk tipped me off to this all, because she’s cool AF. & scene,” she adds, letting fans know that at least her co-stars have her back if no one else will.

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