Jordan Peele releases trailer #2 for ‘Us’ and it’s even more chilling than the first

The first preview for the upcoming thriller was enough to spark interest in his 'Get Out' followup, but the second one makes it a must-see

Screengrab / YouTube / Monkeypaw Productions


As if he hasn’t already mastered it, writer-director Jordan Peele has sent even more chills down our spines.

Debuting a 60-second trailer for his upcoming thriller Us on Reddit on Sunday morning before Super Bowl LIII, the Oscar winner left viewers more intrigued than he did with the last one, released on Christmas day.

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In the new trailer, Lupita Nyong’o’s voice can be heard remarking in the spot: “You know how sometimes things line up? Coincidences? Since we’ve been up here, they’ve been happening more and more. It’s like there’s this black cloud hanging over us.”

It appears that the black cloud takes the form of people who represent our monsters within.

Us is the first project under Peele’s first-look deal with Universal Pictures, which he signed with his Monkeypaw Productions in 2017, according to news reports.

“I dedicated a lot of myself to create a new horror mythology and a new monster,” Peele said in an interview in December discussing his new film, according to Hollywood Reporter. “I think that monsters and stories about monsters are one of our best ways of getting at deeper truths and facing our fears as a society.”

Us features Nyong’o and Winston Duke as a married couple taking their kids to visit her childhood home in Northern California for summer vacation. They spend time relaxing and rekindling relationships with their friends (Elisabeth Moss and Tim Heidecker), but pretty soon Adelaide, who is haunted by a past trauma, becomes paranoid that something isn’t right.

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“Very important for me was to have a black family at the center of a horror film,” Peele told reporters when he unveiled the first trailer in December. “But it’s also important to note, unlike Get OutUs is not about race. It is instead about something that I feel has become an undeniable truth. And that is the simple fact that we are our own worst enemies.”

Last year, Peele made his directorial debut in Get Out, which earned the filmmaker a best original screenplay Oscar. Get Out also opened No. 1 domestically and earned $255.5 million worldwide.

The film also features Madison Curry, Cali Sheldon, Noelle Sheldon, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Anna Diop, and Duke Nicholson.

Us hits movie theaters on March 22.