White supremacist who killed NYC man to start ‘race war’ gets maximum sentence

Even with a plea deal, James Jackson, who was obsessed with interracial relationships, will spend life behind bars for randomly killing a Black man


James Jackson, who deliberately killed a Black man when he came to New York City on a quest to start a race war, was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison without parole, The Daily Mail reports

Jackson cut a plea deal and pleaded guilty to first-degree murder, hate-crime and weapons charges for the stabbing murder of Timothy Caughman. He is the first white supremacist to be convicted of terrorism offenses in New York, the Manhattan District Attorney said.

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According to police, Jackson traveled by bus from Baltimore to New York City and was angry about interracial relationships. He came to New York specifically because it was the world’s media capitol. He randomly spotted Caughman and stabbed him with a sword.

Jackson previously said during an interview with the Daily News that he had hoped to kill someone younger and intended to commit the crime in order to discourage white women from dating black men. He said that he would rather have killed “a young thug” or “a successful older black man with blonds … people you see in Midtown. These younger guys that put white girls on the wrong path.”

Jackson added that he had intended for the stabbing to be “a practice run” ahead of other crimes like it.

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Jackson received the maximum penalty allowed under New York law, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. said Wednesday.

Jackson’s manifesto was also read at the in Manhattan Supreme Court, which said:

“This political terrorist attack is a formal declaration of global total war on the Negro races.

“They must be exterminated as quickly as possible,” Jackson wrote. “Negroes are obviously first on the list” and “must be extinguished as soon as possible.”

According to Newsday, the manifesto was found on Jackson’s hard drive, adorned with a swastika and a “crusader’s cross.”

Jackson also said in a videotaped confession that black people were ‘inferior’ and should be ‘exterminated,’ NBC New York reported.

Caughman’s last words, he said, was “Why are you doing this man?”

“American law enforcement has been slow to acknowledge the rise and scope of white nationalism, and this has emboldened actors like the defendant,” Vance said in a statement.

“We have too often treated these crimes as something less than terrorism.

“The court today has an opportunity to declare that violent white nationalism will not be normalized and that its perpetrators will be sentenced like the terrorists that they are.”