Beyoncé and Jay-Z pay homage to Meghan Markle

Celebrity couple recreate their scene from their music video, adding the Duchess of Sussex as some extra spice

Courtesy of Beyoncé’s Instagram


Superstar couple Beyoncé and JAY-Z bowed down to one of their “Melanated Monas” in a surprise post on Instagram on Wednesday honoring the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle.

After receiving the award for Best International Group at the 2019 Brit Awards, the couple took to Instagram for their acceptance speech, since they were unable to attend the award ceremony at the O2 in London.

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According to People, in the video, Beyoncé and JAY-Z recreate a scene in their music video for “APES**T,”  by instead pose in front of a photo of Markle wearing a sparkling crown and pearl necklaces. The original scene showed the couple posing in front of Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa.”

“Thank you so much to the Brit awards for this incredible honor,” Beyoncé says to the camera. “You guys have always been so supportive. Everything is love. Thank you.”

JAY-Z then states, “You’re welcome,”. They then turn to face the portrait of Markle to recognize the Duchess.

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The first post includes the comment: Thank you to the Brits for the award for Best International Group. I won this award back in 2002 with my besties, Kelly and Michelle. How lucky am I to have been in a group with my other best friend, the GOAT Hova. ?? In honor of Black History Month, we bow down to one of our Melanated Monas. Congrats on your pregnancy! We wish you so much joy.

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There are already three posts honoring Markle on Queen Bey’s profile. The most recent video already has over three million views.

“Everything is love” for Markle in the states and overseas.