Delaware police officer under investigation for pulling gun on father of three.

TheGrio has launched a special series called #BlackonBlue to examine the relationship between law enforcement and African-Americans. Our reporters and videographers will investigate police brutality and corruption while also exploring local and national efforts to improve policing in our communities. Join the conversation, or share your own story, using the hashtag #BlackonBlue.A Delaware State Trooper is under investigation for reportedly pulling a gun out on an unarmed Black man during a traffic stop last Thursday.

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Mack Buckley pulled out his cellphone and started recording his interaction with the officer in what appeared to start out as a routine traffic stop.

In a clip, the officer orders the man to get out of his vehicle.

“No, no, no. You cannot, you cannot pull me out of this…” Buckley says in the clip as the officer then unholsters his weapon and points it squarely at Buckley.

“I’m not f**king with you,” the officer screams out to Buckley as he aims his gun at him.

“Why are you pulling the gun on me?” Buckley yells back at the officer. He then tosses his cell phone in a seat as it continues recording.

“Stop reaching for sh*t,” the officer can be heard saying.

Buckley was ultimately arrested and charged with resisting arrest and several traffic violations, according to Delaware Online.

The Delaware State Police said they have launched an investigation.

“The Delaware State Police initiated an internal investigation as soon as we became aware of the incident as per divisional policy,” state police spokesman Sgt. Richard Bratz told NBC News.

Buckley took to social media to share the video which has garnered thousands of views of the horrifying ordeal.

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“First off… I’m not a wanted person. I’m not on probation. 2nd… at the time of the stop I was not a suspect in any crime or offense,” Buckley wrote on Instagram.

He said he was “allegedly pulled over for speeding, but pulled over 2 miles from where I was allegedly speeding at.”

“I am a human being… with rights… not a suspect. And it’s disturbing that people would look at me and label me a suspect because I got pulled over by the police or the tone of my skin,” the father-of-three said.

Buckley said the officer “kept referring to YOU PEOPLE.”

When he questioned the officer about “you people,” he said the officer responded “society” and told him, “Go ahead and play the race card.”

The identity of the officer has not been released yet.