Jordyn Woods is reportedly blaming booze for her misguided tryst with Tristan Thompson, according to sources close to the Kardashian camp.

Woods, who was as a close-knit Kardashian ally is now on the outskirts with the family after reports surfaced that she reportedly hooked up and slept with Khloe Kardashian’s baby daddy and hurt the whole family, especially her bestie Kylie Jenner.

Now Woods is said to be blaming it all on an alcohol-infused night of getting wasted to the point of blacking out, TMZ reports. After Woods was caught getting cozy with Thompson at a club, she claimed that she doesn’t even remember how she got there. And she reportedly doesn’t recollect if Thompson even hit it.

Jordyn Woods no longer roommates with Kylie Jenner in wake of Tristan Thompson cheating scandal

Chile, just admit it and move on.

Things have already reportedly been rolling downhill for Woods who moved out of Kylie’s home after the alleged scandal broke.

Khloé is said to have broken up with Thompson after it was alleged he cheated with the longtime family friend Woods.

TMZ reported that Kylie Jenner initially refused to believe the news but after checking in with attendees at the party where the couple was spotted making out her worst fears were confirmed.

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Last week, Woods broke her silence and made her first public appearance since the scandal while promoting her Eylure X Jordyn Woods Summer Heir lashes in Los Angeles. The 21-year-old was visibly apprehensive as she stepped to the mic to make a short speech.

“Through everything that’s been going on, you know it’s been real, and Eylure has been super real,” she said referencing the recent scandal. “This has been a project that we’ve been working on for over nine months, almost a year, so I hope you guys enjoy your lashes as much as I do.”

Sources said however, she’s been begging Kylie trying to get back in her good graces but Kylie’s not having it.