Bail for R. Kelly was set at $1 million on Saturday, during a jam-packed bond hearing, on charges of alleged aggravated criminal sexual abuse of four young women. Three of these women were underage during the time of the alleged abuse.

The hearing was attended by a slew of reporters, family members of the victims and a few women who are said to still be brainwashed sex slaves of the R&B hitmaker, such as Azriel Clary.

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According to the LA Times, Clary parents insist she is being held against her will by the singer. During the bond hearing, the young woman was quite in her support of the entertainer and she did not speak to or acknowledge her parents who were also present in the courtroom. Clary held hands with another alleged sex cult victim, Joycelyn Savage, as they entered and existed the courtroom. Savage’s parents claim she began a sexual relationship with Kelly in 2015, when she was nineteen years old.

The LA Times also reports that one of the alleged victims, Jerhonda Pace, cried in court as the assistant state’s attorney described her case; noting that after she met Kelly at the age of 16, they “had vaginal and oral sex with Robert Kelly multiple times” and  “At times, Robert Kelly would spit on her, slap her in the face, and choke her. The victim saved one of the shirts she was wearing when Robert Kelly ejaculated.”

Read More: R. Kelly bail set at $1 million during jam-packed bond hearing attended by family members of the victims

The state submitted the T-shirt for DNA testing which confirmed the presence of Kelly’s semen.

“They’ve got him!” Pace said after he was hit with these new charges. “They’ve finally got him!”

As The Grio previously reported, one of the his alleged victims met R. Kelly at a restaurant while celebrating her 16th birthday. They eventually agreed to a monthly arrangement where Kelly would engage in sexual activities with her from 1998 until 1999.

Another victim he allegedly had vaginal and oral sex with was a then 14-year-old girl, whom Kelly captured on video.

Read More: R. Kelly bail set at $1 million during jam-packed bond hearing attended by family members of the victims

Another of the underage victim’s met Kelly at his 2008 trial. She at the time believed that he was innocent. He gave her his number and later had sex with her.

The fourth victim was a then 24-year-old hairdresser that Kelly allegedly tried to physically force to perform oral sex on him, and then he spit in her face when she resisted. He allegedly masturbated and ejaculated onto her shirt, which will reportedly be presented as evidence during the upcoming trial.

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During his press conferences, Kelly’s attorney Steve Greenberg, called the women making charges against his client “liars,” including those who appeared in Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly documentary.

“The allegations aren’t true because he never knowingly had sex with an underage woman, he never forced anyone to do anything, he never held anyone captive, he never abused anyone,” Greenberg said in a January interview with The Associated Press.