Ja Rule claps back at critics over NBA halftime performance

Over the weekend, Ja Rule got roasted but this time it wasn’t for his participation in the failed Fyre Festival, it was for his Milwaukee Bucks halftime performance that many called a big flop.

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A clip of his rap performance went viral on Saturday and from the looks of things, there was some awkward silence that sent the internet into a  frenzy as the artist tried to get the crowd hyped up, Yahoo reports.

It was a ‘90s Night’ halftime show and Rule tried to open his performance with a joke that didn’t fly.

“They said this is 90s night so they brought out a 2000s artist,” Rule said.

“We ready? Are we ready?!,” Ja Rule asked to some wispy cheers. “I guess not.”

The internet had a field day over what appeared to be Rule’s failed attempts to rock the crowd.

Ja Rule however, wasn’t happy with the online response and hit back, blaming technical difficulties as the culprit.

“Y’all really be on my d*ck,” Ja Rule said. “Let’s be CLEAR my sound was f*cked up at first and didn’t come on when it was supposed to but I rocked that b*tch… thanks for the love Milwaukee!!! Great win my streak continues…”

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The Bucks’ were playing the Minnesota Timberwolves and they took that moment to tear into Ja Rule too.

 Ja Rule didn’t take that diss too well and hit back saying that the team would now be cursed.

“You just jinx yourself talking to the GOD this way… your CURSED NOW!!! You won’t win a championship for the next 30 years… AND KAT IS LEAVING!!! Apologize and I’ll lift the CURSE!!! kiss of death…”

Ja Rule ended his feud by letting critics know he doesn’t really care as long as nothing is stopping his cashflow.