Judge and attorneys apologize for confederate flag fraternity photos in college yearbook

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(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Just days after a Nashville prosecutor apologized for posing in front of a confederate flag in his 1980s era Wake Forest University yearbook, a federal judge and two attorneys in North Carolina have also come forward.

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U.S. District Court Judge Frank Whitney admitted that he too is seen standing in a controversial Wake Forest University picture with the school’s Kappa Alpha fraternity chapter circa 1982.

Also Kappa Alpha members J. McLain Wallace Jr. and Murray C. ‘Tripp’ Greason III, both who have become attorneys, said they also regret posing with the flag.

“I should have known in college that the Confederate battle flag is a hurtful and painful symbol, and I regret that I did not fully understand then what I do today. I apologize for perpetuating racism and the hurt that has caused others,” Wallace told the Triad City Beat.

“I just showed up because it was picture day,” Greason explained. “I can’t tell you that I knew it [the Confederate flag] was going to be there. I can’t tell you that I was surprised that it was there. It was part of the [fraternity’s] culture,” he admitted.

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Wake Forest Dean of Admissions Martha Allman also came under fire last month after the 37-year-old yearbook photo surfaced showing that she also took took a picture with a confederate flag.

And her office’s associate dean Kevin Pittard was also reportedly pictured in 1983 and 1984 yearbooks with the offensive image.

Katie Neal, Wake Forest spokeswoman said university officials are “fully committed to working with our students, faculty and staff toward a more inclusive campus community.”