Fans question Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson after he calls Army tank named after him ‘sexy AF’

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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is used to being celebrated on screen for his blockbuster movie roles but some fans have questions after a US Army tank was named after the former wrestler.

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An ‘Old Ironsides’ Twitter account tweeted out that one of its tanks from the US Army’s 1st Armored Division was named after the action star.

“”If you smell what America’s Tank Division is cooking!” Shoutout to the #IronSoldiers assigned to the @Blackhawk_SQDN for naming one of their tanks in homage to the @TheRock. Hopefully the ‘People’s Champ’ will see it and give you guys a shoutout and a retweet!’ the 1st Armored Division’s official Twitter handle wrote on March 12.

The tweet picked up steam on social media and caught the star’s attention. Johnson was honored that the soldiers in the 1st Squadron 1st Cavalry Regiment, based in Fort Bliss, Texas, thought of him in such a major way.

‘’Salute of respect & gratitude to the @Blackhawk_SQDN @1stArmoredDiv for the honor of naming their tank, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Heavy duty and bad ass, but most importantly, thank you for your service,” the actor tweeted on March 15.


He shared that sentiment on his Instagram account too. Calling the vehicle “the most advanced in the world” and that it’s “Heavy duty, bad a**, sexy AF and built to take care of business,” he wrote.

While Johnson mostly got kudos from his fans for getting named after a tank, others were quick to point out that perhaps this post wasn’t such a celebratory moment.

“Therock now in a country near you, blowing up your kid,” wrote one Instagram user udontneedtoknowuknow.

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“How much innecent [sic] people is that tank gonna kill,” asked jankees8888.

‘”Built to take care of bussiness” [sic]…like killing children for money,” wrote fadarin89.

“tanks kill people – not sure if that’s “sexy af,”‘ another user wrote.

Said zakster90 “It is ‘cool’, until its needed for war… then it won’t be so cool to see the a [sic] cannon with your name blasting buildings and people to bits.”

Johnson hasn’t responded to the rounds of criticism.