Dashcam video shows Black man was shot by cop who claims she meant to grab taser

Akira Lewis, who was pulled over for a seat belt violation was shot and wounded in what seems to be a sloppy mistake on the part of a police officer

A Black man in Kansas who demanded to see a supervisor during a traffic stop claiming he was racially profiled,

Dashcam video shows officers arresting Akira Lewis after he was shot. (Lawrence Police Department)

A Black man in Kansas who demanded to see a supervisor during a traffic stop claiming he was racially profiled, was shot by a former cop who said she accidentally pulled the trigger and intended to pull out her taser instead. Now video of the incident has been made public, the Lawrence Journal-World reports.

Dashcam video from a May 2018 incident in Lawrence, Kan., involving Akira Lewis 35, was released on Monday, revealing that rookie cop, Brindley Blood, made a near-fatal mistake when she shot and wounded Lewis.

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In the incident, Lewis was pulled over for a seat belt violation. In the video, taken from the arresting officer’s patrol car, Lewis and the officer began to argue because the officer refused to show ID. Lewis complained that he was stopped because he was Black and demanded that a supervisor be called to the scene.

Blood, a white woman, arrived as backup. At this point, Lewis begins to wrestle with the cop who first stopped him and is seen body slamming and punching that officer.

Blood admitted that she mistakenly pulled her weapon and discharged it, which she thought was her taser. According to the affidavit, Blood said it wasn’t until she looked for the taser wires and didn’t see any, that she realized she fired her gun and not the Taser as she intended.

“I shot, shot him, I pulled my firearm instead of my Taser,” the affidavit said.

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Blood was placed on administrative paid leave but resigned in January. Blood has additionally been charged with aggravated battery.

Lewis has been charged with several misdemeanors, including battery against a law enforcement officer, the outlet reports.

On Monday, Lewis’ attorney, Shaye Downing, released this statement saying the officers “initiated physical contact and escalated a situation that could have been easily de-escalated by any number of interventions.”

“After this incident, there are serious concerns about the training officers receive and ongoing certification required to ensure that if an officer is faced with a situation where force is used, that they use only that level of force reasonably necessary for the given circumstances,” Downing said.

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Downing said Lewis suffered several injuries but has not been offered any compensation from the city of Lawrence to assist with medical bills.

A ruling on the matter is reportedly set for this week by Judge Peggy Kittel in Douglas County District Court where a hearing for Blood was held last week. She will determine if the case should go to trial, the outlet reports.