Comedian Kyle Grooms recovering from brain tumor, but determined to return to the stage

A few weeks ago, comedian Kyle Grooms was rushed to the hospital and received a life altering diagnosis.

Comedian Kyle Grooms thegrio
Comedian Kyle Grooms performs at the Nokia Theater. (Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images)

The physical and emotional ordeal that comedian Kyle Grooms is dealing with is no laughing matter – and yet somehow, he is managing to find the strength to keep on smiling.

According to NBC Miami, a few weeks ago Grooms was rushed to the hospital and received a life altering diagnosis.

“I had a seizure in front of my kids, in front of my wife and I had to be rushed to the hospital, and then they found a tumor in my left frontal lobe that was bleeding,” he recalls of the day his life completely changed.

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Following the news, Grooms could barely hold a microphone and his speech was noticeably affected. Another unfortunate fact is that he didn’t have health insurance, which many Americans, who find themselves in a medical emergency, can relate to.

A friend created a GoFundMe page to raise money for his expenses and as a result, some big names in comedy have showed up to support Grooms in his time of need.

“It blew up,” he explains. “Like Amy Schumer contributed, Chris Rock, Dave Chapelle, Michael Che…”

Once funding was secured, a team at Memorial Regional Hospital, led by Dr. Clinton Burkett was able to surgically remove the benign tumor from his brain.

“I was so confident in Dr. Clinton Burkett. It was overwhelming,” said Grooms in the interview with NBC Miami. “This place, it has a heart. I’ve been getting emotional all week.”

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It appears the love goes both ways between doctor and patient.

“Kyle is definitely the funniest patient I’ve ever had, and without a doubt, one of the people who was very appreciative of the surgery,” said Dr. Burkett. “I got to pull some jokes with him as well, but mine were not as good as his were.”

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The prognosis is great and doctors are saying that Grooms will be back onstage soon. He’s reportedly looking forward to using what he’s been through to illustrate to audiences that laughter really is the best medicine.

“It’s tragedy now, but I’ll turn tragedy into comedy.”