Suspect in Nipsey Hussle murder case will be kept safe in jail, bail set at $7 million

Now that the suspect named in the killing of the beloved rapper is in custody, police want to be sure he stays alive long enough to appear in court

The Los Angeles Police Department has named Eric Holder as a suspect in the murder of rapper Nipsey Hussle.


Now that the man suspected of killing rapper Nipsey Hussle is in the hands of the LAPD, officials have confirmed that they are planning to keep him away from anyone that may want to harm him in retaliation for the death of the local hero.

According to The Blast, after suspect Eric Holder was arrested by L.A. County Sheriffs in Bellflower, Calif., on Tuesday evening, he was transferred into LAPD custody. He initially had no set bail, but as soon as he was booked, it was raised to more than $7 million.

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Police are all too aware that “lots of people don’t like him right now,” and that tempers are high while fans and locals mourn the loss of Hussle. As a result they are choosing not to put Holder in a situation that could compromise his ability to make it to court alive.

Once charges are filed, he will likely make his first court appearance within the next few days, according to USA Today. He is expected to be charged with murder.

Holder has a long rap sheet with a history of domestic violence and weapons charges. Because of his record, he was previously ordered not to “own, use or possess any dangerous or deadly weapons, including firearms, knives or other concealable weapons.”

On Sunday afternoon, he got into an altercation with Hussle, who was reportedly at his Marathon Clothing store in South L.A., to help a friend who had just been released from jail with some new clothing, according to TMZ. Police say Holder and Hussle argued before he left, then returned with a firearm and fatally wounded Hussle as well as shooting two others. It is unclear what they argued over.

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After the shooting, police say he got into a car driven by an unidentified woman. The woman has since turned herself in to authorities, according to reports.

After a two-day manhunt in which Holder’s name and mugshot were released by the LAPD and a warrant issue for his arrest, Holder was apprehended while trying to seek treatment from a mental health facility when he was apprehended.

Dispatch audio captures the moment officers announced they were holding a “187 suspect” at gunpoint at the moment Holder was located.

In witness videos taken at the scene of the arrest a man resembling Holder can be seen taken into custody. In one clip, a spectator can be heard asking if the suspect in custody is Holder, to which a sheriff’s deputy says, “I think so.”

Hussle was one of 10 people killed in gun violence in Los Angeles over the past week. As many as 26 in total were victims of gunshots, according to

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