Don Lemon slams Trump after seemingly simplistic assessment of Notre Dame fire

The CNN host criticized the president for not knowing what he should given that he made his fortune as a builder

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Don Lemon has made it clear that he’s not a fan of Donald Trump, so it should come as no surprise that he minced no words this week while discussing the president’s response to the fire at Notre Dame cathedral in Paris.

Investigators are searching for the cause of the blaze, which destroyed most of its roof, but left its two iconic bell towers intact. No fatalities were reported, but a firefighter was seriously injured.

On Monday the “CNN Tonight” host covered the international story of the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris catching on fire. At the time of the broadcast there had been no deaths reported and yet President Trump tweeted his solution to the incident.

But Lemon candidly explained where Trump went wrong in his assessment.

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The French civil defense agency explained exactly why they used the strategy toward fighting the fire at the historic cathedral, noting that not only were they trying to save the building’s structure, but that neighboring buildings were in danger as well.

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Translated from French:

Helicopter or airplane, the weight of the water and the intensity of the drop at low altitude could indeed weaken the structure of Notre-Dame and result in collateral damage to the buildings in the vicinity.