VIDEO: Don Lemon laughing as he watches Paul Manafort clip is a Friday mood

Don Lemon
SAN FRANCISCO, CA - SEPTEMBER 09: Don Lemon (Photo by Miikka Skaffari/Getty Images for Ketel One Vodka)

President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, who has been indicted on felony charges of conspiracy against the United States, is being haunted by past lies that have CNN’s Don Lemon doubled over in laughter.

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Lemon could not contain himself when he played an old video clip of Manafort struggling to defend Trump which he said looked “really, really awkward” as Manafort stumbled over his words responding to a reporter’s question.

“So, to be clear, Mr. Trump has no financial relationships with any Russian oligarchs?” CBS News anchor Norah O’Donnell asks Manafort in the July 2016 clip.

Manafort basically tripped over his own tongue trying to answer.

“That’s what he said,” Manafort said. “That’s what I said. That’s obviously what the, what our position is.”

Lemon broke out in raucous laughter, the kind that so infectious that you laugh just watching him laugh.

In fact, it was so funny to the anchor that he had to hit replay and watch it again and laughed even more.

“That was really, really awkward,” he concluded. “I still have no idea what he said there.”

Trump’s soldiers are taking losses left and right these days.

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On Thursday, former longtime Trump attorney Michael Cohen fessed up to a court about Trump’s ties to a Russian real estate deal that was being brokered well into June 2016.

And Don Lemon is having a field day tearing into Trump.

Earlier this week, Lemon tore into President Donald Trump for an “assault on the truth” due to the White House’s release of its climate change report, The Hill reports.

“It’s strategy of just refusing to accept the facts when they don’t fit with the president’s world view. Of refusing to accept what the members of his own administration tell him,” Lemon said.

Last Friday, the White House quietly released an alarming climate change report detailing the severe effect of unchecked greenhouse emissions on American livelihoods, agriculture and economy.