‘Sick’ intruder who undressed in girl’s bedroom greeted with gunshots when caught

A dad fearing the danger when he caught a burglar in his home, took quick action with a weapon to deal with the intruder

Ali Bracey (WLKY-TV)

A Louisville, Ky., man is behind bars after breaking into his next door neighbor’s house and undressing in the room of a 12-year-old girl.

Donald Oliver, 38, faced a judge on Monday just 24 hours after being shot during the break-in. According to local television station WDRB, court documents describe Oliver coming into Tina Burton’s house around 7 a.m. Sunday morning and entering her daughter’s bedroom and beginning to undress. 

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“It’s initial fear. It’s initial shock. It’s initial trauma,” said Ali Bracey, the girl’s father, told WLKY in Louisville. The family had just moved into the neighborhood two weeks prior.

But the girl’s reaction to the intrusion put in motion a series of events that may have saved her and landed Oliver in jail.

“She was really smart,” Burton, who has two younger daughters, told WDRB. “She hid under the cover, turned her light down, turned her volume down on her phone to text me. When she peeked under the cover to see where he was at, she got up and ran away. She went to the back room. And I think that was really brave and smart of her.”

Once Oliver was in the kitchen, Bracey followed behind and tried to get him out by hitting him with a broom. After refusing to leave, Bracey shot at Oliver six times before he finally left. Oliver was found by police a short time later with a gunshot wound and was taken to the hospital for treatment.

“Everyone has actually commended me on what I did. There hasn’t been any real backlash other than the family (Oliver’s family), said Bracey. But everyone in the neighborhood has commended me on what I did.”

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Investigators found a bag of heroin in the house, which they believe Oliver dropped as he was undressing. The suspect has been charged with burglary, assault and possession of a controlled substance.  Noting his lengthy criminal history, a judge has set his bond at $50,000.

Burton called Oliver sick at the thought of what his motives were.

“He got undressed in my daughter’s room,” Burton said. “Like, what was your intentions? You are sick.”