Katt Williams ordered to pay alleged assault victim $25,000

He failed to show up in court to contest a three-year-old lawsuit filed by one of his fans.

Katt Williams failed to show up in court to contest a three-year-old lawsuit filed by one of his fans.

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FAYETTEVILLE, GA - JANUARY 28: Katt Williams attends Rick Ross' 40th Birthday Celebration on January 28, 2016 in Fayetteville, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for The Vanity Group)

A Georgia judge has slapped Katt Williams with a $25,000 judgment after he failed to appear in court to contest a lawsuit filed three years ago by a fan.

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Tyrell Williams claims in court documents that the comedian assaulted him without provocation following one of his shows at an after party, The Blast reports. When he attempted to Snapchat a picture of the funnyman, Williams allegedly “suddenly and without warning” knocked his iPhone out of his hand, the report says. The Father Figures star then punched Williams in the face three times before fleeing the scene following the attack, the report states.

The alleged victim claims the assault left him with various injuries and mental anguish. He sued Williams seeking unspecified damages, the report says.

Last month, a judge granted a default judgment in favor of the plaintiff, who has reportedly filed documents to start seizing Williams’ assets to collect the $25,000.

It’s just the latest in William’s seemingly never ending legal woes over the years. Last month, his lawyer—fed up with the comedian’s shenanigans—filed a motion requesting to withdraw as counsel to the star in an assault case against his former assistant, according to The Blast.

In the motion, Matthew Gurvitz of Venable LLP noted how it has “become unreasonably difficult for Venable to carry out effective representation” because the comedian’s “general lack of communication.”

The case involves Williams’ former assistant, who filed a $1 million lawsuit against him. The suit claims Williams brutally attacked her, throwing her to the ground and slamming her head to the concrete until she lost consciousness and had to be hospitalized.

Williams has denied the allegations and called for the case to be dismissed.

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Meanwhile, a Portland judge issued a bench warrant for Williams last month after he failed to show up for his trial on assault charges stemming for an October incident, according to KPTV.