Black policeman says he was fired for being in an interracial relationship with colleague

A Georgia policeman who climbed the ranks of his department says that he found himself booted from the force because of who he chooses to date

Karon Robinson (WSB-TV)


An African American police officer in Georgia said he was fired after he revealed he is dating another officer who is white.

Karone Robinson told Atlanta’s WSB-TV that by revealing his relationship, he saw the true colors of the Darien Police Department, and all of his dreams with the department went out the door. He has now filed suit against the City of Darien and its police department.

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“Extremely depressing, that was the lowest point I have ever been in my entire life,” he told the station in an interview.

Robinson explained that prior to going public with his relationship, he appeared to be on the fast track moving up. He said his dreams were answered when he became a drug cop in Darien, a small town located near Savannah in coastal Georgia.

“So, I jumped in with both feet,” Robinson said, regarding the opportunity to advance. But he didn’t stay there for long. He rose quickly up the ranks to become a drug investigator.

In that role, he scored a major feat by busting a major drug ring. “That was the best day of my life,” Robinson said.

But it was after this that things took a turn, and it happened to coincide with when Robinson said he told officers about his budding romance with a white female fellow officer.

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“It was one day I’m the best thing since sliced bread, and the next day I can’t walk and chew bubble gum. I can’t do anything right,” Robinson said in an interview with Channel 2.

A reporter asked Robison if any member of the department said anything to him about dating a white woman. He replied: “No, not anything overt like that.”

But Robinson says there were signs that he overlooked, like a Nazi flag that hung inside the Darien Police Department for years, according to Robinson. “I totally blocked the flag out. It had been there for so long,” he said.