Mom who can’t make her own college graduation gets big surprise at her son’s

Sharonda Wilson was set to receive her college degree, but chose to go to her son's. Hearing about this, university officials at both schools arranged to make it a truly special day for them

Sharonda Wilson graduated with her son Stephen at his commencement. (Twitter/Central Michigan University)

Sharonda Wilson is unable to attend her own upcoming college graduation but at her son’s commencement ceremony she got the thrill of a mother’s life the Detroit Free Press reports.

Wilson, who is receiving her degree from Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Mich., but can’t go to the May 11 ceremony, did make it there to see her son walk down the aisle last Saturday at Central Michigan University, in Mount Pleasant, Mich. But her son’s school refused to let her hard work go unnoticed so in a big surprise, she was recognized at the CMU ceremony and received her bachelor’s degree and her cap at her son’s CMU graduation.

CMU President Bob Davies said he took the liberty to reach out to Ferris State President David Eisler, to pull off the surprise degree exchange to Sharonda.

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“Please move your tassel from your right to your left,” Davies said to Sharonda Wilson in the viral video.

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Sharonda received a rousing applause and standing ovation from the as she moved her tassel over, symbolizing that she graduated.

Her son, who received a bachelor’s degree of fine arts in music theater, was not in on the surprise.

“Dr. Davies really shocked me. I told a friend of mine that (my) mom was skipping her graduation to be with me, and she used her magic to help Dr. Davies orchestrate that moment,” he said.

“When I heard (she) was getting her degree with me I was speechless. My mother is truly the strongest and most compassionate woman I know. That moment tops (any) other moment I have ever shared with my mother.”

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