Dennis Rodman accused of distracting store employees to help people steal clothes from a yoga studio

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Many retirees become snowbirds and spend their golden years somewhere down south. However, retired basketball great Dennis Rodman, on the other hand, is being accused of being quite a menace helping his friends steal clothes in sunny California.

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While other retired basketball legends like Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal are making award winning movies and helping their communities in a big way, it seems Rodman is using his voice to help distract employees of Vibes Hot Yoga as his crew stuffed expensive clothes in a bag, TMZ reports.

Rodman two women and one man entered the Newport Beach, Calif. Yoga studio and was seen on surveillance footage allegedly working together to steal clothes.

Several times Rodman can be seen distracting employees as a male accomplice grabs a $2,500 crystal art piece from the front desk. The man puts it on a dolly saying he intends to pay for it later, according to the outlet. However, the man shatters the expensive artwork which distracts the employees even more and allows the woman to continue to stuff more clothing into a large purse.

Rodman and his crew left the store with the broken crystal art piece and the studio owner said $500 worth of clothing was lifted too. He has since filed a police report.

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The studio owner claims Rodman and two people, who allegedly reeked of alcohol during the visit, stole $500 worth of clothing in addition to the now-broken crystal, so he filed a police report.

On Thursday, Rodman’s lawyer told Page Six “It’s premature to comment.”

Rodman, 57, is already on probation after a DUI arrest in January 2018. He was sentenced to three years of probation in March 2018 after pleading guilty to two misdemeanor charges.

Rodman is also famously known for having a close relationship with North Korea dictator Kim Jong-un.