Chris Brown is trying to settle assault and battery case with ex-manager


R&B singer Chris Brown is in the process of settling a lawsuit with his former manager.

According to The BlastBrown’s former manager Mike G. is accusing the star of assault and battery. Back in 2016, Mike G. accused Brown of false imprisonment, assault, battery, defamation, and breach of contract.

Mike G. was originally hired in 2012 to help clean up Brown’s image after the domestic violence case between Rihanna and Brown. He was also supposed to help get Brown out of debt and completely off of drugs.

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But four years later in 2016, Brown’s former manager is claiming Brown allegedly attacked him without provocation even to the point of hospitalization. Brown then accused Mike G. of stealing his money, which he denied.

According to The Blast, the case which has dragged out for years and has even been argued in an appellate court is finally moving forward.  Earlier this year the judge ordered Brown to pay $1760 in sanctions because he refused to turn over key evidence that involved the Mike G. case.

Mike G. is also asking that Brown turn over all documents for any felonies, assault, and battery cases he has been convicted for in the past 10 years. He has also asked for any restraining orders that have been taken out against Brown and any anger management treatments and courses he’s taken.

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According to The Blast, the trial against Brown was set to happen on June 5. However, both parties requested the judge postpone the upcoming trial. It will now begin on October 11.

Brown and his former manager wish to take this time to work together and come to some kind of agreement to end their battle.

But this isn’t the only legal drama Brown has been a part of this year. According to CNN, Brown was also accused of aggravated rape and drug violations in January while vacationing in Paris. The case and charges have since been dropped.