Odd #HateBetter poster featuring ‘black’ hands groping a white woman has everyone confused on social media

Is this for pure shock value or does it have a deeper message?

confused black man
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A white Slovenian artist named Katarina Stegnar has created an international stir with her #HateBetter work featuring blackened hands groping the body of a half-naked white woman.

The image features a white woman from a rear view wearing a black lace bra and no underwear. Six hands blackened with paint or grease grip the woman’s body, pulling at her bra and grabbing her thighs and behind.

The hashtag #HateBetter appears at the bottom of the poster in black letters. Response to the controversial work has been mixed.

Some are offended by the poster and believe it is nothing more than shock value.

But others have interpreted the poster to actually be a condemnation of racism and the way that people perceive others based solely on race.

Creator Katarina Stegnar explained the piece in an artist statement.

“The regulation of female sexuality lies at the core of all patriarchal politics. Regardless of whether we are discussing the wearing of burkas, banning abortion or the demonization of female pleasure. It ends now. No means no. I will not allow my body to be exploited for any political agenda,” said Stegnar. “I am the mistress of my pleasure. I will do with my body as I please, where I please and with whomever I please. I love my Slovenian boyfriend, whether he is black, yellow, white, red or all the colors of the rainbow.”

According to AdLand, Stegnar will showcase her performing art piece at the Festivalperformansa.