While having no biological children of her own, Oprah Winfrey enjoyed a special Mother’s Day celebration with students from her leadership academy.

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As a surrogate mother to so many girls who have graduated from her Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy in South Africa, like Lizhuwani Gloria Rapalalani, Winfrey got a chance to do what a mom would do and walk the bride down the aisle during Rapalalani’s wedding over the weekend.

Winfrey was a surprise wedding guest in Atlanta, Georgia as Rapalalani took her vows during a heart-warming ceremony in front of family and close friends.

And Winfrey took to Instagram to share some special sentiments:

This is my first Mothers day on earth without a mother. So happy to share with all my daughter girls from South Africa and my niece @chrishaundalee,” Winfrey wrote surrounded by a dozen or so young women.

“Celebrating Gloria’s (to my left )wedding yesterday and Mothers day today! Blessings to all the Mothers.”

Last month, Winfrey even accompanied Rapalalani to look for a wedding dress along with a few other former students.

“I’ve known these girls since they were 12 and 13 coming to my school. Graduating from college. Grad school. Now our first wedding,” Oprah captioned a photo of the ladies posing with the bride-to-be, who is holding up a wedding dress. “Looking for the perfect dress. #biglifemoment.”

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Rapalalani was reportedly one of 72 girls from Winfrey’s first graduating class from the all girls boarding school which was started in 2007.