Sushi restaurant gives way to brawl when Black woman has enough of white man’s racist slurs

It didn't take long for the customer's language to spur blows being thrown when a woman decided she wasn't going to sit for it any longer

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A white restaurant patron who threw a racially charged tantrum when he couldn’t get a table right away wound up catching a Black woman’s hands at a Long Beach, Calif., restaurant on Mother’s Day.

According to the Daily Mail, on Mother’s Day a rude patron showed up to Aburi Premium AYCE Sushi and made misogynistic and racist remarks towards staff and other customers while asking for a table.

A video of the incident shows a Black female diner confronting the belligerent man before snapping and beating him right before he gets put out of the restaurant.

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The Daily Mail reports that after Aburi’s staff told the man there were no available tables he aggressively began demanding to see a manager. Shortly after, he can be heard lashing out at a woman customer instructing her to “f**king look over there b***h!” The man then gesticulated towards a Black man like a monkey, and appeared to call the same customer a “monkey man.”

Before the altercation came to blows the Black man was persuaded by other customers to take the high road and walk away from the blatant provocation. Coincidentally, that’s when a Black woman in the crowd stepped in to deal the assailant a series of devastating blows that shocked everyone.

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Despite being initially stunned by how quickly things had escalated, the other patrons in the restaurant can be heard cheering and clapping as the angry white man is pushed out of the restaurant.

Eye witness Ivan Velasco told CBS Los Angeles he was having Mother’s Day dinner with his mom when the altercation took place. Apparently, the customer in the video became angry over the two-hour wait for seating, and decided to lash out at everyone in attendance.

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“He then starts shouting at them, it’s a shouting match back and forth,” Velasco said. “And from then on, he says the racial slur that’s heard in the video, which, if you were in the room, the moment he said that, everybody was like — the ball dropped. Everyone knew this was something.”

“There’s a lady who’s trying to protect him,” Velasco said of the woman seen stepping in when the Black male customer was being taunted.  “She’s trying to say, ‘hey, you don’t need this, you don’t need this. He charges at those two patrons, he keeps saying those slurs, and that’s when she loses it, she punches him five times in the face.”