Denver Mayoral Candidate Jamie Giellis speaking with 'The Brother Jeff Show' host Shay Johnson. (Twitter)

If there were ever a textbook example of how a politician can lose favor among African Americans this is probably it.

Denver mayoral candidate Jamie Giellis, while on a live web streaming show was was asked what the acronym NAACP meant — but drew a blank and found it hard to recover afterward.

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Giellis appeared on the Facebook program, The Brother Jeff Show which centers primarily on issues dealing with the African American community in Colorado.

On Tuesday, KDVR reports, Giellis made the flub when she responded to questions about diversity in her campaign. Someone flatly asked her if she knew what it meant. She responded: “National African-American…” She soon realized she was very wrong, but continued to stumble when asked by host Shay Johnson if she knew what the organization actually does. “You’re gonna test me on this?” She asked.

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“It’s important, because it’s our people, and we want to know if you’re connected to our people,” Johnson said.

“They do advocacy for the African American community, they talk about policy, they talk about issues, they stand up for civil rights, they do a number of things,” said Giellis.

The acronym, of course, stands for National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and has since it was founded in 1909.

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Giellis’  is trying to unseat incumbent Mayor Michael Hancock, who is African American, and seeking a third term. The two will meet in a runoff election on June 4.

On Wednesday, Giellis sent a statement saying she had a “momentary lapse.”

“Yesterday as a guest on the Brother Jeff show with guest host Shay J, I was asked if I knew what the NAACP was, to which I replied with my acknowledgment of its mission and work. Then, when asked what the acronym stood for, I momentarily struggled to recall,” she said.

Gielis continued that she is familiar with the NAACP and that she knows the local chapter co-hosted a mayoral forum along with the Colorado Black Women for Political Action (CBWPA). Further, she promised to participate in the Colorado Black Round Table Candidate Forum along with becoming a member.

View the hourlong segment here.