DaBaby’s security team allegedly beat up fan who tried to get a picture of the rapper

A fan who hoped to take a photo with DaBaby outside of a Lawrence, Massachusetts nightclub allegedly brutally beaten by members of DaBaby’s security team.

DaBaby attends day one of radio broadcast center, sponsored by Sprite, during the 2017 BET Awards. (Photo by Maury Phillips/Getty Images for BET)

A fan who hoped to take a photo with DaBaby outside of a Lawrence, Massachusetts nightclub was reportedly brutally beaten by members of DaBaby’s security team after he became allegedly handsy with a security team member.

The victim, himself a rapper who goes by the name “Don Trag,” was hospitalized with injuries to his brain and neck, his brother told TMZ, adding that he is in a coma. The video of the attack was captured on video outside of Centro Nightclub Friday night.

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Trag, 22, is said to have asked DaBaby, 27, for a photo and members of his squad turned down the request. But it was after Trag reportedly kept persisting and then hurled insults at members of DaBaby’s security when the bodyguards began attacking him, The Daily Mail reported.

Trag was reportedly taken to the hospital shortly after the attack but was released to the care of his mother. He reportedly collapsed in her Boston home hours later, The Daily Mail reported.

Trag’s brother said DaBaby’s bodyguards began beating him after he touched one of their hands. According to sources, DaBaby, whose real name is Jonathan Kirk, allegedly saw the attack and later canceled his show. He was due to headline that night.

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Derek Lemire, the promoter of the event, told TMZ that DaBaby left the venue without performing, although he still took the $22,000 fee he was paid to perform. The rapper also issued an apology for not performing on his Instagram page dababyliveinlawrencema and threw out a new date and info for people to get refunds.

Some fans took to IG to denounce the cancellation, The Daily Mail reported that DaBaby has a contract provision which allows him to cancel performances if he feels unsafe.

DaBaby became famous for his song Suge, which has been streamed more than 35 million times on Spotify, according to news accounts.