In an unlikely pairing that no one saw coming, this week, Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show invited Harvard philosophy professor Dr. Cornel West to come on and have a debate with Blexit Movement Founder Candace Owens about President Trump’s record with African Americans.

According to Real Clear Politics, Thursday night, Owens, who recently came under fire for claiming the real problem with Adolf Hitler were his visions of globalism, argued the case that Trump has actually benefited the African American community, despite being accused of racism himself.

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Unsurprisingly, West disagreed with these sorts of claims although he did concede that Trump’s economic numbers were better than some would have expected.

“The statistics certainly look good through a narrow lens,” he said, while still pointing out the “grotesque wealth inequality.”

“The problem is though, my dear sister, the president has a language that creates an atmosphere that is so xenophobic, against Black folk, Mexicans, Muslims,” West continued, adding, “He rarely wants to stay in contact with their humanity.”

Owens cited low unemployment numbers for Blacks in America at 6.7 percent as an example of how Trump has benefited the community. However, she did not point out that despite the decrease in unemployment, for Blacks, it is still 86 percent higher than the national average.

When Ingram turned to Owens she asked her to respond to the president’s critics who blast him for his comments about Charlottesville, his allegedly Muslim-targeted travel bans, and accusations of calling developing Black nations “sh*thole countries.”

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“I think the President is doing something different definitely his tone is different, because he tells the truth,” said Owens. “He doesn’t pander to Black America. He hasn’t offered us hot sauce; he’s offered us jobs. That makes many people uncomfortable because they’re from an era where race hustling is a business. They’re used to telling Black Americans that they’re victims, writing books about victimhood and that is no longer selling in America.”

When West began to make a point about Trump mocking Rep. Maxine Watters IQ, in March 2018, Owens interjected.

“She does have a low IQ,” Owens pushed back. “That is a fact. That is a fact. That is a fact. If she took an IQ exam you would find out that Maxine Watters had a very low IQ. It may not be nice but it is true.”

She did not offer any evidence or attempt to back up her statement about Waters by saying how she supposedly knows this.

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In 2018, after Trump made his comments about Waters, she replied to him on MSNBC, saying the president is a “con man.”

“I’m not intimidated by him,” said Waters. “And so he can keep calling names. I’ve got plenty for him. In fact, everybody knows he’s a con man. He’s been a con man all of his life.”