Bill Cosby has dropped his defamation countersuit against seven women who accused the comedian of sexual assault.

According to Fox News, court documents filed Friday reveal that the four-year defamation case is officially over. The former case was between Cosby and seven women in Massachusetts who accused the veteran actor of sexual assault.

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In 2014, the accusers filed a federal lawsuit against the actor, alleging that Cosby defamed them publicly, while also accusing him of lying about their sexual abuse claims. In 2015, the former actor filed a countersuit against the women, claiming that they had slandered his name as the result of a nixed business opportunity.

It’s also been reported that Cosby’s insurer settled with the seven women last month for an undisclosed amount. According to FOX, a spokesperson for Cosby revealed he dropped the claims to “focus on other matters.” Previously it was stated that Cosby opposed to the idea of a settlement, and had plans to bring forth counter claims.

Back in March, Cosby’s official Twitter account wished wife Camille a happy 75th birthday:

“Happy 75th Birthday to my beautiful bride, Camille,” the tweet read. “Dear, you’re a wonderful mother, loving wife, but most importantly, you’re the strength of this family. Please celebrate your day!”

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Prior to that in February, Cosby, who is said to be legally blind, had been moved to a general population unit, where he is now housed in single, two-story in Montgomery County. According to FOX, Other inmates are assigned to help him throughout the day, given his age and disability, state prison spokeswoman Amy Worden said.

As it stands, Cosby is currently serving a 3- to a 10-year prison sentence in Pennsylvania for the alleged drugging and assaulting Andrea Constand in 2004.