Florida police are searching for a booty-shaking burglar and her accomplice who are accused of stealing $400 worth of clothing from a local store.

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The suspects allegedly shoplifted from the MadRag store in Pembroke Pines and then one turned her rear to the surveillance camera and twerked and shook what her momma gave her, the Miami Herald reports.


The security camera footage was recently released from the April 26th theft that showed the dancing diva cop hundreds of dollars in merchandise. Police want to know if anyone can ID the booty bandit. During the crime, the woman who twerked wore mustard colored pants.

President Obama advises teen boys against twerking women

While the serial booty shaker in Florida might not have an issue with twerking, the former President earlier this year took time to address the twerking dynamic of girls in music videos offered advice to young men at an event for his foundation “My Brother’s Keeper” in California.

Obama gave his take on self-confidence alongside basketball player, Steph Curry and singer, John Legend, as the three celebrated the fifth anniversary of the initiative that provides support for young males from minority backgrounds.

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During his speech to the young men he said told them, “You don’t have to have eight women around you twerking.”

In a BBC video compilation from the day, Curry is seen laughing at the comment. The audience can also be heard laughing in the background.