Hilarious video of dad having full-on conversation with baby is winning the internet today

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A young father and his baby are having a legit full-on conversation and their interaction is breaking the internet.

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The video of the talkative tot and his dad surfaced on social media tugging on everyone’s heartstrings and has now amassed over 37 million views on social media!

Kingston, the baby, talks away as his father Deztin Pryor, a stand-up comedian, appears to engage his son in a conversation about the TV show they are watching.

The father-son duo are seated on the couch and the baby talks in gibberish while his dad rolls right along answering the baby’s questions.

“They need to work on that, right?” Dad says.

“Yes,” the baby agrees.

“Did you understand it, though?” Dad asks.

“No,” the baby says.

Their conversation is the cutest thing as Kingston engages his father and even makes hand motions like a grownup would do, clearly to express that he’s got some pretty deep thoughts to share.

We’re assuming the two are gossiping about the NBA finals or hashing out that Game of Thrones finale. But perhaps Kingston just wanted to discuss that latest episode of Paw Patrol.

Whatever it is, the communication between the two is perfect because dad undoubtably understands everything his babbling baby has to say.

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This baby is an old soul who’s clearly been here before.

Whose baby is this is the question?

According to The DailyMail, the heartwarming exchange was filmed by mom Shanieke Pryor, from Clarksville, Tennessee, and posted to Facebook.

‘Only this child!! Having a full-fledged conversation with Daddy and Daddy is just as bad,’ says Shanieke Pryor.

It’s the perfect feel-good video leading into Father’s Day!