Woman pleads with police not to shoot unarmed Black man kneeling in viral video

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In an intense exchange, a woman can be heard pleading with police to put down their guns aimed squarely at an unarmed Black man who was on his knees.

She cries while begging officers from the Hawthorne Police Department not to shoot the man in front of her as she records.

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Instagram user Blueasdasky, posted the video that has gone viral on social media involving the arrest of a young man in Hawthorne, California two days ago.

The video lasts about 5-minutes with the woman screaming at officers who are pointing their weapons at the man who is on his knees with his hands behind his head, Heavy.com reports.

The woman begs for officers to simply approach the man and arrest him, instead of shooting him from afar.

The woman explained that her boyfriend was previously shot by police, and she didn’t want to see another Black man get killed.

Once a senior officer arrived on the scene, a police supervisor approached the woman and calmly asked her what was wrong. He then explained the circumstances, saying there had been a report of a robbery not far away and it was reported that the suspect had a gun. The man they were attempting to arrest fit the description and they were detaining him to get more information.

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“We got a call about a robbery …he seemed to match the description ..we’re just detaining him. We’re not saying he’s a suspect …try to relax. It says a weapon was involved that’s the only reason he gets held at gunpoint,” the officer tells the woman. “It’s just for our safety and everybody around’s safety, OK?”

The officer asks the woman is she knew the man. “I don’t even know him but I care that much,” she says sobbing.

“I understand,” the officer says.


The video has received nearly 400,000 views on Instagram since she posted the clip two days ago.