VIDEO: Real life Bebe’s kid curses out teacher at kindergarten graduation ‘Shut the f*** up!’

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A little boy using vulgar language got the boot from his Kindergarten graduation for cussing out his teacher.

Lesson learned.

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The incident was caught on video as parents were settling in preparing to watch their kids turn a page in their little lives with the ceremony. Then a little boy unleashed a series of foul-mouthed obscenities at his teacher as she welcomed the crowd, reports The Daily Mail.

“Good afternoon parents. Good afternoon boys and girls,” the teacher says.

Then out of nowhere a little boy in a bright orange shirt shouts out: “Shut the f*** up!”

Audible gasps could be heard by the parents as they scream out, “Hey, hey, that’s not nice.” And “No thank you,” to the little boy’s profane shouting.

The teacher then tried to appeal to the boy to get him to act right and asked, “Do you need to leave?”

That’s when Bebe’s kid replies, “No, b****!”

“Yeah he’s out,” the teacher says. Then out of nowhere a man, likely his parent, enters the video frame and snatches up the bad-mouth little boy for a butt-whooping.

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