African moms sue fake white doctor claiming she’s responsible for the deaths of malnourished babies

Two African mothers are suing a white missionary they claim has contributed to the deaths of babies she allegedly set out to save.

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Renee Bach started the ‘Serving His Children’ clinic in Uganda in 2009 to treat severely malnourished children even though she reportedly had no medical background as a doctor and no training.

Gimbo Zubeda and Kakai Annet filed a lawsuit in January at the High Court in Jinja claiming the American from Virginia has more so caused more than 100 babies to die because of her lack of experience.

Bach gave the children aid but they still died, they claim, The Daily Mail  reports.

The women say they trusted that the facility was equipped with medical personnel experienced to handle babies. They want the facility to be shut down and they are seeking damages, according to the outlet.

They claim they learned in 2015 that Bach was not a medical doctor and had no training. Others reportedly write on blogs that Bach simply fattened babies up before sending them home without determining if it was the safest thing to do health wise.

Bach reportedly denies the claims.

The medical facility has said they have since changed its practices after being widely reported on, NBS reports.

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There’s no word on whether Bach has stopped working at the facility.