Father shot a week after his twin babies are born to be taken off life support

Tyrese Garvin was walking home after seeing his newborns for the first time when he was critically wounded in a random act of violence, part of a recent rash of shootings in Louisville

Tyrese Garvin (WAVE)

The family of a Louisville, Ky., father who was overjoyed after visiting his newborn twin babies in the hospital, but was gunned down while walking home and left fighting for his life is now faced with removing him from life support.

Tyrese Garvin, 20, was critically wounded in a drive-by shooting while walking home in a random act of violence just a week after his babies were born, police say.

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Sunday night the family spoke out about Garvin and how excited he was about being a new dad.

“He was very excited about becoming a father, and for something like this to happen and his children will never get to know him, that’s sad,” Kathleen Roberts, Garvin’s grandmother said about the 20-year old, local station WLKY reports.

“It’s just a hard impact for me because I know I’ll never see him walk through that door and act silly with me anymore, but this is just so senseless,” said Roberts, according to WAVE.

The family does not expect him to survive and believes Garvin will be taken off life support soon.

Louisville has seen a surge in gun violence with police reporting as many as 20 shootings in the past two weekends, five of them fatal.

“Many of the recent non-fatal shootings and homicides in Louisville have been drive-by,” Louisville Police Department Lt. Emily McKinley said.

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So far three suspects have been arrested in connecting with Garvin’s shooting.

“He was not the target of the issue, but go back to the kids,” Christopher 2X, a Louisville community activist, said about the suspects whose ages ranged from 14 to 17. “They’re so angry and they feel if you might be from this neighborhood might as well just do you like this.”

A GoFundMe has also been set up to assist with Garvin’s funeral expenses.