Barbie for the win.

A Black Barbie doll in a wheelchair is circling the Twitterverse and making everyone proud of the Mattel toy brand. Mattel’s Fashionista line creates dolls of different skin colors, body types, hair textures, and eye color and are available for purchase on Amazon, Target and in other stores, according to ABC News.

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The new Barbie, which launched in June, is brown-skinned with natural hair styled in Afro puffs. In addition to her wheelchair, she sports a white striped shirt, hip shades and blue jeans.

And social media is overwhelmingly here for it and the inclusive message it sends.

“Dude like representation like this is so important. I saw a Barbie in Target a while ago that like was short and had a similar body type to me and it made me really happy. I’m so glad Barbie is doing this so more girls can see themselves with the doll and be like ‘hey, that’s me!’ said Alondra @constarlations


Twitter user Julianne @summersnoqueen posted a photo of the Barbie that has been liked almost tens of thousands of times. “THERE’S NOW A BARBIE IN A WHEELCHAIR i can’t even begin to express how happy i am that more and more young girls are growing up seeing themselves in Barbie” she wrote.

Mattel developed the wheelchair accessory for Barbie in partnership with the UCLA Mattel Children’s hospital, a company representative told Good Morning America.

Barbie’s wheelchair is modeled “after a real, rigid frame wheelchair and doll included has an articulated made-to-move body to easily fit in the wheelchair,” the representative said. Additionally, all Barbie body types will fit the wheelchair.

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Adrien Lee @LightfulFoxTrot appreciates that the wheelchair looks like the real deal.

“It’s not a weird hospital wheelchair, it looks like an actual wheelchair that actual people use. Kid me approves,” said Lee.

The doll costs $19.99 and includes a ramp that can fit inside Barbie Dreamhouses.

We’ll be logging onto Amazon momentarily to purchase.