Cardi B says Kulture’s first birthday party was “lit” despite NYC blackout

The "Press" rapper took to social media to thank people for attending

Cardi B during the 2019 BET Awards (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Cardi B and Offset did not allow a major blackout in New York City to ruin their baby girl’s first birthday party.

On Saturday, the rappers threw a “lit” birthday bash for one-year-old Kulture at a 42nd Street venue although the spot, like the rest of Manhattan, went completely black for several hours after a transformer exploded, knocking out power throughout the borough, according to E! News.

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After the party, Cardi B took to Instagram to thank guests for coming.

“Hi guys, so I just wanted to say, thank ya’ll so much for coming to Kulture’s birthday party,” the rapper posted on Sunday. “It was so lit that I lost my motherf–king nail. Let me tell ya’ll something, ya’ll made it lit was the fact that I had got there, the lights went off in the party, it was like a whole hour with no lights, no music. But it was … lit!”

“And then when we got the power … turned the music and some lights on, it got lit again,” she added. “But with no air conditioner. So we was literally melting, but people were still dancing, having fun. And then the lights came completely back on. But then they came right back off when we was about to cut the cake. And then they cut the lights back on and nobody wanted to leave. And it’s ‘cause of ya’ll and it was such a fun party. Thank you so much.”

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Kulture’s party was themed “Word Party” after the popular Netflix kids show. The happening birthday soiree featured a Build-a-Bear workshop, festive colored balloons, large and beautifully put together flower arrangements from Venus ET Fleur that spelled out Kulture. E! News reported that the arrangement was gifted to baby girl from a friend of Cardi B and Offset, and reportedly cost $7,000 and included over 600 roses.

The party also featured macarons, cake pops, cupcakes and several themed birthday cakes.

Kulture was as adorable as ever in a multi-colored dress. She danced with her mom and dad on the huge dance floor.

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One sparkly and noticeable gift was a custom-made World Party pendant from Eliantte & Co. Eliantte, who is no stranger to designing jewelry for Offset’s group Migos, told E! News that she and Cardi both designed the pendant.

“I mean, it was her idea. I didn’t know about the cartoon, we were just discussing it in the office and she said that it’s her daughter’s favorite cartoon, so I just started getting some different options drawn up for her and she chose the one she liked the most because it had more color in it,” Eliantte told E! News.

She said the pendant took one month to finish, and that Cardi was happy with the finished piece. Eliantte added that she is already “working on making another piece” for Kulture.