Ex-lover sues Scottie Pippen for expenses incurred during their alleged affair 26 years ago

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A woman is stepping forward 26 years after the fact to sue NBA star Scottie Pippen for expenses she incurred while allegedly having an affair with him during his tenure with the Chicago Bulls.


If you are going to have an affair with a millionaire, you might want to get your coins on the front end. Just saying.

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Chyvette Valentine is claiming that she spent thousands of dollars traveling to see Pippen and racked up thousands on hotel expenses, gas, food, parking during her affair from 1987 to 1993.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Valentine claims that she paid her own way to see Pippen when he played ball in other cities outside Chi-town.

Valentine believes she’s owed quite a bit but can only claim $9,999 since it’s the maximum allowed in small claims court.

Valentine also said she didn’t know that the popular ex-ballplayer who was at the top of his game alongside Michael Jordan, was a married man or had an infant when they first started their tryst. Pippen was a widely known player for the Bulls which is arguably one of the best basketball teams in NBA history.

The alleged side chick also said Pippen lied about having a baby even when she would see bottles of formula at his house. She said he told her the milk was for his sister.

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It wasn’t until Valentine’s Day in 1988 when Pippen reportedly told her the truth about everything, yet she continued the love affair until 1993.

But the question remains why she waited so long to sue and why does she feel entitled to get reimbursed for her own willingness to participate?

Griofam, what are your thoughts?