Lil Nas X sued for $25 million for allegedly unauthorized sampling of song

Lil Nas has been accused of allegedly sampling song used in Old Town Road.

Lil Nas X’s catchy summer hit ‘Old Town Road’ is being accused of having riffs that allegedly ripped off a 1992 tune called “Carry On.”

On Wednesday, The Music Force filed a lawsuit against Nas X’s record label Sony music alleging that the country/rap song includes an unauthorized sampling of Bobby Caldwell’s track.

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The song’s beat was created by Nas X’s producer named Beats, whose real name is Jeffry Maxwell Newlin. Nas X’s real name Montero Lamar Hill. The lawsuit claims that Beats was “motivated by greed and malicious intent” when he created the track and used the alleged sampling without consent, EW reports.

Nas X and Beats created the song before the artist was signed to Sony. However, the plaintiff is alleging that the label should have done a more thorough investigation to determine that Nas X and Beats hadn’t violated the copyright law by using the sample.

The Music Force wants $25 million dollars in damages alleging that “it was far more important” Sony sought to “preserve its opportunity to enjoy millions of dollars of revenues from the success of the career of X.”

They want $10 million for damages suffered and $15 million for punitive damages.

The video for “Carry On,” was removed from YouTube, according to court records obtained by EW. And The Music Force said there exists at least 85 new illegal versions of Nas X’s alleged “infringed version of the song.”

Riding High

MTV has revealed the long list of contenders for the upcoming 2019 Video Music Awards and a few of our faves are up for big awards. While Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift are leading the pack with 10 nominations each, Lil Nas X isn’t far behind.

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The country sensation whose hit “Old Town Road” took over the nation is up for eight trophies, nominated in categories including Video of The Year, Song of The Year, and Best Hip-Hop among others.

We hope Lil Nas X’s ride hasn’t come to an abrupt end with this lawsuit.