Bow Wow vexes Wendy Williams supporters by posting body shaming

The rapper has apparently entered a war of words with the daytime talk show host, who he apparently posted an unflattering picture of as a response to her taking him to task

Bow Wow (L), Wendy Williams (Getty Images)

Shortly after dissing his ex-girlfriend Ciara, it looks like Bow Wow is now throwing daggers at talk show host Wendy Williams.

The 32-year-old rapper, whose real name is Shad Moss, took to Twitter to post a photo of Williams in a black, two-piece bathing suit under the body-shaming caption: “They say it’s a hot girl summer” followed by several emoticons meant to poke fun at Williams.

The post, which received plenty of backlash, is believed to be in response to Williams calling Bow Wow out last week for his “very distasteful comments” about Ciara, in which he called his ex a “b—h” during a nightclub appearance and talked about “having her first.”

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In defense of Ciara, Williams, 55, took Bow Wow to task and didn’t mince words.

“Bow Wow, I am mad at you … What’re you doing?” Williams said at the beginning of her “Hot Topics” segment. “Bow Wow, I’m not hating on you, but young man, so what?”

“It’s very distasteful. We’ve all had somebody before we had you, man. We’ve all lived, but to be shirtless in a club and calling her a ‘b—h,’ you were so wrong for that,” Williams added.

Now Williams’ supporters are also firing back at the former rapper.

Earlier this year, Bow Wow was in the news for a domestic dispute with a girlfriend that left him with several scars on his face and posing for a mugshot. In the February incident, he claims that he was the victim and the woman, Leslie Holden was the aggressor. He claimed that he was wrongfully arrested, but faced misdemeanor battery charges.

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