Donald Trump angered tons of people when he referred to Baltimore as a “disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess” and the creator of The Wire has some choice words for POTUS.

David Simon created the iconic show that used the city as its backdrop throughout its run from 2002-2008 and he unleashed his opinions on the President in a Twitter rant that basically said Trump wouldn’t last five minutes in Baltimore.

“If this empty-suit, race-hating fraud had to actually visit West Baltimore for five minutes and meet any of the American citizens who endure there, he’d wet himself,” he posted.

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Simon doubled down on his comments in another post when a follower tried to clap back.

“It means the president, if he stepped out of his limo and found himself suddenly a racial minority, would wet himself on that fundamental alone. The humanity of those he encountered could not matter to him; only their lack of whiteness and his discomfort. So he won’t come,” he added.

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This isn’t the first time David Simon has shared his disdain for Donald Trump. Last year, he was banned from Twitter for some anti-Trump rhetoric. He wasn’t too bothered by getting the boot, and continued his statements on his blog.

“Slander is cool, brutality is acceptable,” said Simon. “But the hyperbolic and comic hope that a just god might smite the slanderer or brutalizer with a deadly skin disorder is somehow beyond the pale.”