Woman calls 911 after getting trapped in luggage compartment of bus, driver arrested

A woman called the police to be rescued from the luggage compartment of a bus.

Wendy Helena Alberty thegrio.com
Wendy Helena Alberty Connecticut State Police

It was the kind of trip one girl didn’t ask for.

An unnamed woman reported that she was trapped in a bizarre bus ride and called the cops to say that she was locked away in the luggage compartment of a Peter Pan bus.

And the victim said it wasn’t just by accident that she ended up locked up. She accused a bus driver 49-year-old Wendy Helena Alberty of locking her in the baggage area. Then in a crazy twist, Alberty boarded the bus and sat down as a passenger as a male bus driver drove toward Boston on Sunday.

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The woman made the 911 call about 4 p.m. and the police tracked the call and pulled the bus over in Union, Connecticut.

“The female victim was asked if she needed medical attention to which she refused,” wrote Trooper Robert Hunter, NBC News reports.

“She further stated that she had been purposefully locked inside by a female driver while attempting to retrieve items from her bag. The female driver was still on the bus as a passenger and was identified as the accused Wendy Alberty.”

Alberty ultimately was also then locked away in a jail cell after she was booked and charged on suspicion of unlawful restraint, reckless endangerment and breach of peace, Connecticut state police said.

Peter Pan, based in Springfield, Massachusetts, stated on Monday that Alberty had always been a good employee with an “exemplary” employment record.

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“Over her tenure she has received many customer commendations for her safe driving and customer service,” according to a company statement.

Peter Pan said they are working with investigators to get to the bottom of the situation but in the meanwhile, Alberty has been suspended.