Cardi B’s tapes to remain sealed in upcoming deposition

A judge has ruled that Cardi B's upcoming taped deposition will not be released to the public and will remain sealed.



When it comes to Cardi B’s forthcoming court case, her privacy will not be invaded.

A Manhattan federal magistrate court judge Gabriel Gorenstein has determined that her upcoming taped deposition will not be released to the public and will remain sealed.

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The “Bodak Yellow” rapper is being sued by her former manager, Klenord Raphael, aka Shaft who claims she owes him big bucks for her success in the music industry.

“The Court concludes that the status of Belcalis Almanzar as a person of public interest, as well as the privacy interest enjoyed by any litigant, strongly counsel in favor of limiting the use of the video version of the deposition,” Judge Gorenstein wrote in the decision, Page Six reports.

“Accordingly, it is hereby ordered that the video version of the deposition of Belcalis Almanzar shall be used only for purposes of this litigation and shall not be filed or otherwise disseminated to any member of the public without permission of the Court.”

Cardi was worried that there would be major press, press, press around her videotapes if they hit the internet and could result in the making of memes that would, of course, go viral and could make a mockery out of her case.

According to TMZ, Shaft, claims he discovered Cardi B in 2015 and facilitated her relationship with VH1, the network that put her on Love & Hip Hop New York.

He’s also claiming that he and his team of writers and producers were behind her hit single, “Bodak Yellow” and he wants Cardi to pay him his due coins now that the work he claims he put in helped her secure serious cash. He’s asking for $10 million, claiming that she broke her contract.

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Aside from wanting to be paid for his services, Shaft says Cardi B defamed him and threatened by her fiancee, Offset. Shaft allegedly received a threatening text from the Migos frontman last December saying, “[U] better stop play acting like u don’t know u taking her sh** from her u a snake. U can’t hide from me N**** and u not bout to play my WIFE.”